Customer Feedback

"Students absolutely love the machine! Everyone wants to use it. They've discovered some wonderful science hiding in the CL images."
"I wanted to say once again what a wonderful instrument this is and how nice it is to work on. Additionally, your design is easy to work with for replacement and maintenance of its equipment. All in all, it is a pleasure. Thanks so much once again."
",..we put in the new part and got the CL up and running. It is working beautifully, and the beam was nice and stable today. The new chamber door system is a big improvement over the side opening one. We appreciate all of your help in getting the machine operating better."<
"Thanks again for all your help. ____ especially wanted to have the unit operational for fall semester starting mid-August, and we are ahead of schedule. Thanks again."
"Our equipment is in continuous use. ………….……. we have taken hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures, saved on CD's. …………. Our main problem is cloudiness in the leaded glass through overuse."
"Thanks. The CL is working well. We have collected spectra at voltages as low as 4 kV. Your chamber is very convenient for measurements on several samples at one time."
"Just wanted to let you know that the CL scope works great since we've "rebuilt it" with the parts you sent. The beam is much more consistent and stronger at about ½ the voltage. We can now get a more than adequate beam at 15 kV (maximum) and so far there are no vacuum problems. Thanks again for all of your help and advice."
"Remembering the many years of working with your CL apparatus and the many helpful advices I got from you during these times, I do say I am much obliged to you. The ideas or gadgets you sent were always the right items which helped to solve problems quickly."